Hanover Chapel Gravestones

The memorials in our garden continue to arouse considerable interest.

In 1845, Queen’s Road was built and this covered the western edge of the Hanover Chapel’s burial ground. The cemetery’s boundary wall and railing remain easily visible on the western side as a raised pavement.

A postcard image of the Hanover Chapel 1905.

In 1949 the gravestones were removed to line the perimeter walls. At this time a list was made from what could be read on monuments. This list shows the names and dates that were decipherable on 297 graves and from transcriptions from copies held at the History Centre.




We are keen tograves encourage visitors who are researching family history to look at the gravestones, we now keep a booklet of the names at Reception.

The Brighton Mortiquarian has compiled a detailed record of the gravestone inscriptions.

Click here to read details of all the known inscriptions.