Brighthelm Awards its First Community Grants

The Brighthelm Centre has teamed up with a generous benefactor to award £5,000 worth of grants to a number of smaller community groups who wish to use the facilities at Brighthelm but have not yet grown to sufficient size to pay for them or cannot afford the whole cost of the services requested. Brighthelm originally offered the grant scheme in autumn 2013 and the number of applications has been steadily growing. The charity is pleased to be able to announce it still has approximately £2,300 of grant funding available and would love to hear from anyone who would like to put on an event at Brighthelm.

The Director, Rik Child, said, “We are delighted to offer our first batch of grants to a number of community and voluntary sector groups. We would encourage people to apply. Priority will be given to the smallest groups and the terms and conditions are all explained in the form that can be downloaded from our website.”

Funding has been awarded to the following groups.

Open Strings
Overview: Over 50s group giving adults and disadvantaged people the opportunity to participate in music workshops. Focuses on Cello, Violins & Violas.
Outcome: Agreed to 6 months funding for weekly meetings.

Overview: Suicide Prevention Organisation (Charity) to hold a one-off event for “World Suicide Prevention Day” for the Community, Voluntary & Private Sectors.
Outcome: Agreed to cover room hire cost as a one-off event due to the importance of the subject.

Overview: Bereavement Counselling Service,
Outcome: Agreed to fund weekly drop-in service & Evening workshops for a limited period of time while funding is being sought elsewhere.

Brighton Peoples Assembly
Overview: non profit making organisation against austerity measures arranging talks for the community on hot topics – Fuel Poverty, Sustainability, Healthcare, Living Wage etc on a localised basis
Outcome: Agreed to cover half of the room hire charge for 6 sessions.

Adult Learner of the Year (B+H Council/NHS – Community Learning)
Overview: Awards Ceremony for Learners from B+H. Celebrates the achievements of learners studying whilst overcoming adversity.
Outcome: Agreed to cover room hire costs as a one-off event.

A27 Alliance
Overview: An new unfunded organisation trying to establish a network for dialogue between Friends of the Earth, Better Transport, CPRE, Sussex Wildlife Trust, Bricycles etc. Mainly dealing with the Government’s proposals for the A27 and the impact upon people and the environment.
Outcome: Agreed to cover room hire costs as a one-off event.

The Grants form detailing the terms and conditions can be found here: