Brighthelm’s 10 Tips for Saving Water

Despite some recent rain, most of us across the South of the UK now have enforced water restrictions, so we all need to take more care to use less water.

As Oliver Heath says in his latest blog “The reality is that in the UK the average adult uses 150 litres of “drinking quality” water per day. So, what can we do?

  1. Replace worn washers on leaky taps -dripping hot water tap wastes energy and over a year could unnecessarily add over £18 to your annual water bill.
  2. Take showers rather than baths, or if you usually shower try shortening it.  For every minute cut off your daily shower you could save between £5 and £10 off your energy bills over the year.
  3. When putting the kettle on to boil, only fill it with as much water as necessary.  Two-thirds of us waste energy by boiling more water than we need.
  4. Make sure that your dishwasher or washing machine is completely full before turning it on, and avoid using the half load setting.  Half load cycles use much more than half the energy and water of a full load.
  5. Save water with every flush -use a water displacement device if you have an older, less water efficient toilet- for an easy, do it yourself option, fill an empty plastic bottle with water and place it in the cistern.
  6. Set your hot water cylinder thermostat at 60°C or 140°F -any higher uses energy unnecessarily and could lead to scalding.
  7. Insulate the hot water cistern to avoid using extra energy to keep it hot. Fitting a jacket that is at least 75mm thick could save around £35 each year.
  8. Keep lawn longer than usual at a “rugby pitch cut” of about two and a half inches
  9. Use grey water from the house to water plants-but use fresh water on seedlings.
  10. Take advantage of any wet weather by installing a water butt, which collects rain water from a down pipe running from your roof, shed or greenhouse.