Little Kickers

Little Kickers

21st Aug 2020

10:00 - 12:00

Little Kickers classes starting March 2020 - every Friday at Brighthelm Centre!

Our classes have been designed so that the session, although using a football, more importantly provides children with a fun, positive introduction to sport and development.

At all ages our ethos of play not push and development through fun, excitement and inclusion of all children is the key to our classes. It has also been proven that children who enjoy organised physical activity from a young age are substantially more likely to remain active throughout their adolescence and into adulthood.

With the children from 18 months to preschool, the focus is about development through fun rather than a ‘football class’. Our games are imaginative where they must outwit the bears to capture the fruit, go on train journeys to the seaside, sail on a pirate ship, defend castles and protect their balls from shark-infested seas, all of which involve them running about, stretching, jumping and keeping fit!

MORE INFO: 0208 432 0982 to find out more or sign up using the following link :

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