Brighthelm Centre Welcomes Rev Alex Mabbs

The Brighthelm Centre welcomes the Rev Alex Mabbs

Green Minister set to take over at Brighthelm

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The Brighthelm Centre is delighted to announce that the United Reformed Church has appointed a new minister to Brighthelm.  The Rev. Alex Mabbs will be starting at Brighthelm in early January and is a special appointment made by the church to the Centre.  Although Alex will be part time minister to the existing congregation he is also tasked with developing Christian theological thinking on environmental sustainability and work with church groups and other interested parties to advance thinking on how to better live on the planet in line with Christian teaching.   Alex will also provide chaplaincy at Brighthelm for people who come in to the Centre looking for a minister and play a strong role in Brighthelm’s renewed community work.    

 Alex Mabbs said, “I am thrilled about my appointment to Brighthelm.  I am looking forward to working alongside the Director and the team, the trustees and the congregation, and our partners in other churches and organisations.  These are challenging times for the church, for society at large and for the planet.  Brighthelm clearly has a big vision to do something about it and a lot to offer, and I’m very excited to think that I will be part of that.” 

The Director, Rik Child said, “It is wonderful news that the United Reformed Church has reflected on the issues and passions of those who live and work in central Brighton and has decided to appoint a minister who can reach out to a wide and diverse community and who will advocate justice for the planet and the less well off members of our society.” 

About Alex Mabbs

Alex Mabbs has lived in Brighton and Hove since 2006. During this time he has been a minister to the three United Reformed Churches in Hove and Portslade.  Before that, he was a minister and a hospital chaplain in south-west London. He is married to Louise, a textile artist and teacher, specializing in quilting and embroidery with a particular interest in mathematical forms and patterns.  Together, they have three children. The eldest has just started university in Newcastle, studying civil engineering.  The younger ones go to Hove Park School. 

When not being a busy minister, Alex enjoys music, listening to a broad range from Thomas Tallis to Talking Heads. He plays the guitar and dabbles at the piano.  Louise and Alex also enjoy jive dancing, walking, cycling and gardening.