No More Fossil Fuels Says Church

Brighthelm Church and Community Centre, in North Road, Brighton, is pulling out of supporting fossil fuels.  Like many charities, Brighthelm has investments across a portfolio of businesses, including oil companies.  None of these shares would normally be considered unethical, but Brighthelm’s trustees have decided to sell their investments in companies whose core business is fossil fuel.

Brighthelm’s minister, Rev. Alex Mabbs, explained, “One of our core values at Brighthelm is sustainability.  It is increasingly clear that the burning of fossil fuels is not sustainable. Through its direct effect on climate change and increasingly intensive extraction methods it is causing huge damage to the environment and harming animals, plants and humans.  We don’t want our money to support an industry that is killing the planet.  Instead, we want to contribute to a world in which all life can flourish.”

Brighthelm’s decision was influenced by the Bright Now campaign, run by Christian charity Operation Noah, which encourages churches to become fossil-free.  Alex Mabbs added, “We have a long way to go before we stop burning carbon at Brighthelm, but this feels like an important step in the right direction.”

Brighthelm Church and Community Centre Trust Ltd is part of the United Reformed Church.


For further information, contact Rev Alex Mabbs, Minister on01273 821512