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kids_playingAlthough we are supported by  Brighthelm United Reformed Church, we are a multi-faith setting in which we celebrate all faiths and religions equally. We are dedicated to equality for children and families regardless of race, colour, religious beliefs, social background, parental status or ability.

At Brighthelm extra support is available for children who require it e.g. bilingual support or support for special educational needs.Gadabout 2014 picnic

We do all we can to develop self-esteem, confidence and empower children with attitudes, skills and understanding which promote effective learning. Some examples of how we do this are: free choice of equipment throughout the pre-school which helps children develop their own  preferences and characteristics of learning.Gadabout playdoh

We also promote independence by having a free choice snack bar, access to child height cloakroom facilities and by providing strategies for children to manage their own behaviour e.g. using sand-timers for turn taking or using our 'golden rules' book.Bubbles

We provide an environment in which children can settle easily and thrive. For them to achieve their maximum potential feeling secure happy and safe is our main objective. We actively listen to children and their comments, suggestions and views are incorporated into our weekly planning. We encourage feedback from parents/ carers about their child's interests whilst outside pre-school through our children interest sheets which are given out once a term but available to take daily. These are then used to plan for the child’s individual interests and learning needs.Water table

Parents are encouraged to voice their views and opinions and be an active part of their child’s education. We revise policies and procedures in accordance with this feedback and use it to evaluate our practice.

We have a 'key person' system in which a member of staff is allocated to each  family. The key person is then responsible for liaising with the family every step of the way during their time at Brighthelm.

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Spring term newsletter 2017