Brighthelm is a Christian Church, rooted in the belief that God loves every person and every creature. That belief underlies all that we do. It’s why we seek to give a high quality of hospitality to everyone who comes into the Centre. It’s why we are passionate about giving children a great start in life at our Pre-school. It’s why we campaign about climate change and other environmental and social issues. And it’s why we gather for worship.

Our Chapel, located just off the café, is always available as a place of peaceful refuge in a busy world (and a busy community centre). Just drop in and make use of the room for quiet prayer and reflection or simply a place to be and to think.


Prayers are said in the Chapel at mid-day on Tuesdays and Thursdays: a simple service lasting about 15 minutes. We welcome prayer requests, via the box on the wall in the café.

There is usually a minister in the Centre, happy to listen and pray with people.


We gather for worship in four different but overlapping groups…

Brighthelm Progressive Christians. Worship is informal and creative and includes time for discussion, as we try to be an open-minded and open-hearted community. Communion will often form part of the service. We meet monthly on the fourth Saturday of each month. To find out dates and other details, see the calendar on the home page, our Facebook page (Brighthelm Progressive Christians) or Twitter (@BPCBrighton).

A simple Communion Service is held in the Chapel at 12 noon on the third Monday of each month.

Open Sky Forest Church. This is a monthly gathering in various outdoor places around Brighton, where we seek to make connections with God through connecting with nature. Open Sky has its own website, where you can find out more: openskybrighton.com

Pray In The Sea. Focusing on climate change in prayer/meditation in (or near!) the sea. Click on the menu to the left to find out more.

You are welcome

When we worship, everyone is welcome. We try to include everyone as a valued member of the gathered group. We worship in the Christian tradition, but you won’t be asked to say a creed or forced to say or do anything you’re uncomfortable with. The groups are usually quite small, so it’s hard to be anonymous, but you can join in as much or as little as you like.

What do you mean by ‘Progressive Christian’?

Brighthelm is in sympathy with the principles of the Progressive Christian Network, and as such we are people who:

  • Seek God, however understood, guided by the life and teachings of Jesus
  • Affirm that there are many ways to experience the Sacred and that we can draw on diverse sources of wisdom on our spiritual journeys
  • Recognise that following Jesus leads us to act with compassion and to confront evil
  • Place hospitality at the centre of our communal and worshipping life and see the sharing of bread and wine as an expression of our common humanity
  • Seek to build communities that accept all who wish to share companionship without insisting on conformity
  • Know that the way we behave towards each other is the fullest expression of our faith
  • Gain more insights in the search for understanding than we do in certainty
  • Work together within and beyond the Church to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world

Brighthelm is part of the United Reformed Church. Locally, we are a member of the Brighthelmstone Covenant of Churches, Churches Together in Brighton and Kemptown, and Brighton and Hove Faith in Action

We are pleased to provide space for other Churches to meet. To find out more about them, click here.

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