Meet Our Volunteers

Meet Our Volunteers

We pride ourselves in being able to offer meaningful volunteering experiences here at the Brighthelm Centre.  Our volunteers come from all walks of life and we are always very pleased to support them and take on board what they have to say.  Here is what some of our volunteers who make the centre the vibrant and welcoming place it is have to say about it.


Image of Justine

I really enjoy volunteering because I get the chance to meet people, help them and it’s perfect for practicing my English.

I love discovering new skills as this is different to what I’ve done before and I get the opportunity to work with amazing staff in a very colourful place.



Image of Van

I’ve known about Brighthelm for a while and I’ve really wanted to be able to contribute to something here. I volunteer one day a week on a Tuesday for 4 hours a day. I get to meet lots of different people and chat to them and help members of the public. It’s absolutely great to be part of this team.



Image of Patrick

During my time at Brighthelm Centre, I learned some skills in marketing which are very important for me because I need this for my work in Germany. I really enjoyed working with people from other countries and seeing how they work. Also, I like that when we have ideas we can feel free to do them. 


Image Raquel

It’s really nice volunteering at Brighthelm as every day is different. I’ve met and got to know lots of different people. I thought 10 weeks would be enough but I want to stay a little bit longer!


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