Mission Statement


“Brighthelm seeks to be a vibrant hub of hospitality, worship, learning, and action, pointing the way towards a world in which all living beings flourish together in the peace and love of God.” 


Brighthelm is a Christian church living out its principles in partnership with the community. Our mission is to become a focus for sustainable living in the heart of Brighton. 

In order to achieve this, we:

Open our doors to others, providing office and meeting spaces to all kinds of organisations and community groups so they can further their objectives.
Actively support organisations most closely aligned with our vision and ethos, both through partnerships and by providing access at preferential rates to Brighthelm’s excellent facilities.
Undertake educational work and create volunteer and other opportunities to promote Brighthelm’s vision.
Provide a Christian presence in the city centre and develop fresh expressions of church that will bring our vision to life.
Work to embed our vision, and the values underlying it, in the welcome we provide to others and in everything we do. 

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