We have a excellent team of paid staff who work alongside our essential bank staff and, of course, our invaluable volunteers.
We group our staff into 4 teams:


Rik Child - Director
As the director of Brighthelm, I am responsible for overseeing the direction and mission of Brighthelm, ensuring that my team are functioning to the best of their abilities to deliver you a high quality service within our centre. As the strategic leader of the centre, I am confident my team will be able to meet your needs, please read below to find the best contact for you. 

Paul Maxted - Centre Manager 
It is my responsiblity to ensure that Brighthelm offers you the best service we can. From the cafe, to highly complex performances in our auditorium, I oversee the day to day delivery of Brighthelm and ensure we are running efficiently. If you have any comments, concerns or suggestions I`d love to hear them.  Please contact me.

Alex Mabbs - Minister
I am the minister for Brighthelm and oversee all areas of our spiritual mission. I run a range of prayer groups and services and offer pastoral care to all in the Centre. I also work on developing Brighthelm`s outreach as a Christian Church engaging with issues to do with climate change and th environment, in dialogue with campaigners, other churches and faith groups. If you are interested in joining our community or have any spiritual needs, please contact me.

Katie Love - Marketing Manager
It is my responsibility to raise the profile of Brighthelm, making sure as many people as possible know about the ranges of services we provide here. It is my pleasure to promote the centre, which has so much to offer, from our active coffee shop to our wide range of events. If you would like to know more about Brighthelm, please contact me.



Ina Shopova - Bookings Officer
As the bookings officer, I make sure Brighthelm can meet your needs. From theatrical performances in the auditorium, to smaller rooms for counselling sessions, I can advise you on the best options we have for your event. If you have any enquiries about booking with us at Brighthelm, please contact me.

Jacob Whiteside - Volunteer Coordinator and Technical Officer 
I have the incredible privilege of coordinating and developing our exciting volunteer programme. It`s my job to ensure all of our volunteers are able to contribute to the centre in a way that is enjoyable and beneficial to them whilst making a big difference in the Centre and the community.
In addition to coordinating volunteers, I maintain and develop our technical resources at the Centre. With a background in audio visual engineering and management, I work with events both large and small across the Centre to ensure the smooth running of meetings and performances. If you have any queries, please contact me.

Stefania Tomacelli - Marketing Support Coordinator 
As the Marketing Suppport Coordinator, I have the enjoyable job of creating all the publicity and social media for the centre. You will often see me and my team of marketing interns around the centre taking photographs or videos. Please share any images of Brighthelm you have and tag us in your events! For more information about our social media and publicity, please contact me.

Ray Golding - Book Keeper and Payroll Clerk
You may not often see me in the centre, but be assured I am working hard behind the scenes on Brighthelm`s finances. If you have any questions about invoicing Brighthelm, please contact me.




Brett Heyneman - Head Chef
I am responsible for the delicious food we make here at the Bright Now Cafe at the Brighthelm Centre. From daily breakfasts and lunches at the cafe, to internal and external event catering, all of our food is freshly made with the focus on local ingredients. We pride ourselves on providing high standard catering at reasonable prices.  Please stop by the cafe to try it. For enquiries about catering, please contact me.

Sam Crisp - Pastry Chef
I make the best cakes in Brighton.  Stop by the cafe to see for yourself! To get any of my delicious cakes delivered, please contact me.

Tavi Gane - Front of House/Catering 
I am the front of house for our Bright Now Cafe, situated in the heart of Brighthelm. As an experienced barista, you can be sure of a delicious freshly ground fair trade cup of coffee with beans from our suppliers, Roasted. Come by the coffee shop weekdays from 8.30-4pm. For more information please contact me.



Steve Brooks - Head of Housekeeping
As the head of housekeeping, I lead a team of energetic housekeepers to prepare all of our meeting spaces for your booking. We deliver refreshments and catering to your room, layout the room to your requirements and provide basic technical support to ensure you have everything you need. You will see the housekeeping team throughout the centre, you`ll recognise us by our Brighthelm polo shirts. For any questions about housekeeping and maintenance at Brighthelm, please contact the Centre Manager. 

Ewan Hennelly - Housekeeping/Maintenance Officer 
Claire Swanson - Housekeeping
Amber Swansborough - Housekeeping
Fru Bogyai - Housekeeping
Abi Gregory - Housekeeping
Matteo Haenen - Housekeeping 

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