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  • 15June

    June 15, 2019 - 10:00 amYoga and meditation 15th June

    Yoga and meditation 15th June

    Welcome to this Saturday morning class, a space for you to move into awareness. The room is peaceful and quiet, a bubble of calm allowing you to go deep into your meditation. 💕

    We start by warming up with Surya Namaskar (sun salutations), connecting body and breath, stilling the mind from its many fluctuations. 

    we spend about an hour in a varied asana practice, with the option to take poses as strong and deep as you are feeling. Then we work with a pranayama breathing exercise and meditation practice, finishing with a long and nurturing Savasana relaxation.

    I like to include the use of mudra, sometimes mantra, and awareness of the Chakra energy centres. 

    The meditation can be a breath, mantra, Chakra... or something else!

    First class £5.
    Then drop-in £10 or 5 for £30.
    Concessions can have 5 classes for £25.

    Bring a mat if you have one. No need to pre-book, see you there!
    (no class on Saturday 7th July as I`m on a retreat)

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